FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do I submit my dictations?

    We offer 3 convenient methods for submitting dictations:

    • ❶ Clients using a digital recorder can upload dictations to our secure FTP site or email them to us or can use our site to upload.
    • ❷ We offer toll-free phone dictation facility at an additional charge of 1.5 cents per line. (coming soon)
    • ❸ Clients using a smartphone (iPhone/Android) can dictate into a small app and upload dictations to our server automatically.(coming soon)
  • 2. How does the trial offer work?

    We offer a free 7-day trial to prospective clients to evaluate our quality, turnaround and service. The trial is for 7 consecutive days and is restricted to 30 minutes of dictation per day. We can set up a toll-free dictation account for the trial.

  • 3. I am using a digital recorder. What format should my dictations be in?

    We can work with dictations in almost all formats such as .wav, .wma, ,mp3, .dss, .ds2, .msv, .dvf, .ari.

  • 4. In what format are my transcriptions returned?

    Transcriptions can be returned in MS Word or simple text format.

  • 5. Can you transcribe directly into my EMR/EHR?

    Yes, our team has experience working with most EMRs/EHRs in the market today. We can transcribe directly into the system.

  • 6. Is there a minimum volume of dictation that your require?

    No, we do not require a minimum volume of dictation.

  • 7. Do you require clients to sign any contracts/agreements?

    We do not require clients to sign any contacts/agreements to work with us.

  • 8. Are the services/transcription facilities secure?

    As a medical transcription company working with sensitive patient health information, we maintain the highest level of security and confidentiality. All of our transcription facility are completely secure and follow all guidelines set forth by HIPAA. If a Non Disclosure Agreement is specifically needed, we're happy to sign yours.

  • 9. Can you use templates or formats according to the client’s specifications?

    Yes, we can use any templates that the clients may have and also format the transcriptions to match the client’s existing transcriptions.

  • 10. In Tantra Solutions’ transcription terms, what constitutes a line?

    We count a 65-keystroke line where a keystroke is defined as any letter, number, symbol or keystroke necessary for the final appearance and content of a document, including the space bar.

  • 11. Are there any startup or hidden fees associated with your transcription services?

    We only charge for the actual transcription performed and there are no other fees associated with our services.

  • 12. How do I sign up for your services?

    To sign up, please email us at info@tantrasolutions.in or call +91-(112)-794-7828. You can also Register for our Free Trial